4 Facts about Water and Your Dog

4 Facts about Water and Your Dog
Water is the source of life; a person can not eat for three days, but can not drink water for three days, the same for dogs. But there is a particular emphasis on drinking water for dogs. Not all water can be given to dogs.

First, how much water should a dog drink a day?
Water is an important part of dog nutrition. If the dog lacks water up to 20%, it will be dangerous to his life. In general, adult dogs need about 100 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day, and puppies need 150 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. In summer, dog owners should increase their dog's diet properly to avoid dehydration.
taboos for dogs to drink water
The following are the issues needing attention:

1. Long-term non-replacement of water
Nowadays, many dog owners will buy a water dispenser for their dogs. Dogs drink water from the water dispenser every day until they have finished drinking. This is a mistake because this water will grow bacteria and microbes after being kept for so long, especially in summer, which is not good for the health of dogs.

2. Water that is too hot or too cold
Hot water may burn the dog, but too cold water, the dog's intestine and stomach itself is more fragile than human, and it is easy to vomit and dilute after drinking, so it's better to give the dog cold water. Also, if your dog often has gastrointestinal discomfort, you can give it some probiotics, conditioning, but also enhance resistance.
taboos for dogs to drink water
3. Drink purified water for dogs
Some dog owners feel that pure water is good for the human body and should be good for dogs, so they let dogs drink pure water. This is wrong, because pure water filters out a lot of minerals necessary for the dog's body, which is not good for the dog's health, so don't give the dog pure water.

4. Drink water directly after exercise
Dogs should not drink water directly after exercise. Because drank a lot of water immediately after vigorous exercise, will increase the sweat discharge, make salt loss more, will also increase the amount of blood circulation, thus increasing the burden of the heart. Therefore, it is not advisable to give the dog water immediately after strenuous exercise.
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Cautions for raising dogs:
If the dog doesn't like drinking water, the owner can add water to the dog's food to feed it. Of course, the choice of dog food is also important, because most dogs will lose their hair, so it is better to choose some low-salt, deep-sea fish oil containing natural dog food, occasionally fed some vegetables and fruits, nutrition is more comprehensive.


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