Three Common Problems in Walking with Dogs

Three Common Problems in Walking with Dogs

What are the benefits of taking a dog for a walk?
Stress relief: The warmth of sunshine when going out can make the dog's brain more active. Dogs, like their owners, feel better when exposed to outdoor air. That is to say, walking plays a great role in changing their mood and relieving stress.

Sociological learning: Sociological learning is an important way to train dogs to avoid communication barriers in the future. Walking with other pets can help dogs accumulate experience. Contact can also improve immunity, release pressure, and stabilize personality.

Deepening the relationship with the owner: The outside world is different from the safe and comfortable family environment, and unexpected events often occur. Learn to overcome these difficulties and let the dog grow up. This process can also increase the feelings between the director and the dog, and improve the dog's self-confidence.
benefits of taking a dog for a walk
What should we pay attention to when taking a dog for a walk?
Take the dog out for a safe walk, first of all, wear a good traction rope for the dog. Dogs are unavoidably excited to go out. If they don't pay attention, they may run away, and then they may encounter danger. Safety rope is not only the guarantee of dog safety but also the responsibility of others. In addition to the dog walkers, there are other fitness walkers in the park. Don't cause trouble to others.

When walking, try not to walk in bad condition. The dog's soles are very delicate. Pay attention to the gravel on the road, nails and other scratches on the dog's soles.

Don't let the dog eat while walking. The safety of things outside is unknown. If the dog is greedy and eats by mistake, it may cause danger.
benefits of taking a dog for a walk, custom dog collars
When walking, pay attention to the vehicles. Dogs may be afraid to see the vehicles. Be careful to come and try to walk on the sidewalk. Observe traffic regulations.

Dogs need to walk according to their strength. Dogs should not be allowed to exercise excessively to avoid joint damage. Take a kettle with you when you go out, and water the dog in time. In summer, try to go out early in the morning or after evening. During the day, the floor temperature is very high. It is easy to burn the soles of dogs and dogs, and also easy to cause heatstroke.

If a dog goes out to defecate, he must clean up the dog's feces. Maintain urban hygiene so as not to be trampled on. Use paper towels or special toilet bags. Wanton bar
benefits of taking a dog for a walk, custom dog collars
How often do you take your dog for a walk?
Exercise two or three times a day as much as you can, or at least once a day, so that the dog can exercise adequately. If the dog does not exercise enough, his personality will lose vitality and become a dull dog. The first is to promote the health of the dog, the dog's physical condition will be better, not barking. Because most dogs bark and bark mainly because of lack of exercise. And more exercise can also prevent dog obesity. Dogs are used to eating people's food, so if they do not exercise enough, they are easily obese.

Like humans, obesity shortens the life span of dogs. Walking with your dog is quite interesting for people. While enjoying the scenery of the four seasons, walking with dogs will relieve the tension between people and dogs. When walking, you can observe the dog's personality that you can't see at home. Walking will deepen the feelings between people and dogs, and dogs will be more loyal to the owners who take them for walks.

benefits of taking a dog for a walk, custom dog collars


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