How to use dog collar and leash correctly?

How to use dog collar and leash correctly?

When the dog moves forward or in other directions than the owner, it will pull the rope to send a stop signal, so the rope should be relaxed immediately. This series of movements need to be completed in a very short time, so the rope pulling is extremely important.

1. Maintain proper relaxation
The rope sheath should be held in the right hand with proper relaxation. The left hand should hold the rope in the left waist. However, the rope should drop slightly from the dog's collar. Dog owners should always pay attention to whether the dog is in the right position and whether there is a situation of pulling rope. Otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of training.
use dog collar and leash correctly
2. Relaxation and moderation
One of the most common mistakes in training is that to keep the dog in the right position, he often accidentally tightens the rope and hardly relaxes. After correcting the dog's behaviour, release the leash slightly.

3. Training to fix the left side
When training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner and walk in the same direction, so that the dog can not ignore the owner's presence and arbitrarily pull the rope straight forward. When this happens, training becomes even more necessary.

4. Don't let the dog lead you.
When a dog is pulling a rope in a certain direction, it should be forced to lead the dog in the opposite direction. It can turn on the way and walk back and forth on the same road. In short, people should lead the dog. Pay special attention to the appearance of the dog when he pulls the rope, and suddenly exert pressure on the dog's neck when necessary.


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