Is it difficult to train a dog to pick something up?

Is it difficult to train a dog to pick something up?

The ability of a dog to hold things in its mouth evolved from the hunting instinct. A 2-month-old puppy picks things up from the ground. At this time, it can be attracted by sticks, balls, etc. to develop its ability to take things.
train a dog to pick something up
If the dog can't pick up something from the ground, you hand it to it. After it opens its mouth, it holds its jaw for a while and orders "Give it to me". If it doesn't give, don't grab it, or there will be a fight between you and it. You can exchange food for its grab.

Puppies like to excitedly tear at the swinging pieces of cloth in their owners'hands. You can also throw toys such as knots, ring bells and so on, and then take them to chase together, and make a scrambling gesture. When the dog picks up the toys, then chase them wilfully. This is to imitate the game between puppies and finally, use food. Change the object in its mouth.
train a dog to pick something up
If the puppy is not interested in objects, try to stimulate his desire for grabbing: tie the object with a rope, and then swing back and forth to stimulate his desire for grabbing. When he picks it up, you encourage the dog to say "OK" and pull the object in his mouth to make it hold more firmly.

Train the puppy's ability to pick up things: throw something exciting to him in front of him about 10 meters, issue an order "title", and if he hesitates to go, lead him to run together. If your dog comes back to you with something in his mouth, you should immediately praise him and give him a "vomit" command. Then you take the item in his mouth with one hand and give him a food reward with the other.

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