6 tips to train your dog to adapt to the collar

6 tips to train your dog to adapt to the collar
When taking a dog out for a walk, dogs without a leash are more likely to have accidents, such as jumping on old people and children, running away, being hit by a car and so on. Dog owners must learn early on how to adapt their dogs to collars and leashes.

1. select an appropriate collar
Try to choose a collar that is wide, smooth, and easy to wear, not too tight, as it may strangle your dog's breathing. Not too loose, the dog may break free from the collar. The size is usually about two fingers into the collar.
* choose a clasp that is easier for your dog to wear
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2. wear a collar for the dog
The first time you put a collar on your dog, try to choose the dog's quiet state and put it on gently and quickly. Almost all puppies feel uncomfortable when they wear a collar, scratching, shaking their head, and trying to get rid of something around their neck. You just ignore him, don't laugh at him or yell at him or stop him from scratching his collar, any attention will encourage his behavior, just ignore him, and he will get used to it eventually.
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3.  the dog's attention
Some dogs are resistant to collars, and you need to do something to distract them, like food and games. Choose to put the collar on your dog before dinner, or play with toys like picking up a ball after you put it on, and take your dog's attention away from the collar.
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4. gradually extend the time the dog wears the collar
Wear the collar on the first day and keep it on for 5 minutes at a time. This can be increased to 10 minutes on the second day and 20 minutes on the third day until the dog can wear the collar all the time.

5. time to remove the collar
Take the collar off when the dog is quiet and relaxed, and if you take it off when they're trying to get rid of it, you're encouraging that behavior, and he'll think you're taking it off when he's trying to get rid of it.
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6.  Reward the dog at the right time
Snack rewards are a great way to get your dog used to the collar. Give him a snack when you first put the collar on, and he'll think it's a good thing to eat. Give the dog a snack to distract him from scratching at his collar. Although you can use coercion to put a collar on your dog and force him to get used to it, this is the worst way to do it. Take it easy, it works better, and most dogs get used to the collar in about a week.


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