3 Tips Teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead

3 Tips Teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead
Dog walking training starts with the dog sitting on your left. Attract the dog's attention with anything (food or toys) and issue a command. The dog is still sitting on your left side, and his eyes are always looking at you. You should praise him, even if he only looks at you for 2 seconds. Then let him sit down. The owner stands on the right side of the dog and waits for the dog to look at you before issuing a password. Our commonly used password is "left". If the dog doesn't look at you, you wait or tease him with a toy. Once you look at your face, praise immediately, praises verbally, smile and so on. The training should not be urgent. It must be done that every time you give a command, the dog sits up and looks up at you. The process could be two weeks or two months. Don't start new training until he has done it well.
dogs walk training tips sit down
When it's all right, you can try to adjust your position by turning 45 degrees in place and then issuing the password "Left". At this point, the dog has to move his body to keep parallel with you. If the dog can do that, it means that the dog has understood the command "left" means to keep on the left side of the owner and look at the owner. The owner can also try to take a small step backwards. If the dog can also move backwards to the right position, it will succeed. At this time, praise should be given immediately, and the training should be finished. Every training should be finished in a pleasant atmosphere. Even if the dog may be doing this new action incorrectly, he must be given an easy command before the end, and you know he can finish the training, and then finish the training. Dogs will be interested in training every time.
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If the dog can't keep his eyes on his master as he walks along, then you must guide him to see you. If the dog looks at you, you smile and praise. If the dog doesn't look at you, you say "NO" or a short "Hmm" to let the dog know that it is wrong to do so. When he looks back at your face, you immediately smile and praise gently. Start with one step and then stop. When stopping, the dog must automatically sit next to you and look at the owner. Then you can take another step slowly. My habit is to leave my left foot first, and slowly let the dog form a habit. The owner's left foot means to start following. In later training, you can take the right foot first to keep the dog waiting. Step by step, if the dog performs well, it can increase the distance to move forward, but not too much at the beginning, walk 5 or 6 steps and immediately praise and play games. When you start walking, you can turn left and walk in a circle counterclockwise. Because counter-clockwise, you are approaching your dog, and then you force him to obey. When the dog is trained, train to walk in a clockwise circle, which forces your dog to follow your footsteps. Never go straight from the beginning.


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