How to Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command

How to Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command

Dogs bark for different reasons. Some want attention, while others are being protective. Whatever the case, an excessive barking dog is never fun. Now it’s completely normal for a dog to bark when the doorbell rings, or there’s a commotion at the house. This is just the dog utilizing its natural protective instincts. But there’s a way to instantly get them to stop on command.
Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command
Training a dog to be quiet on command is a great tool for decreasing problem barking. If your dog tends to bark in certain situations, such as when people come over, or the mailperson walks past the front window, learning a particular command to quiet down is essential to get him to stop.

Before you start a session of teaching your dog the quiet command, play vigorously with him for a few minutes. This will get some of his energy out, so he will be able to focus more on the training. You may also wish to train your dog when he is a little hungry, so your training treats will be very enticing for him.
Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command
To learn quiet commands, your dog first needs to know how to respond to spoken commands. Training your dog to respond to quiet commands when he barks excitedly at the Courier is not going to work. Instead, to learn quiet commands through specific training, you need to teach your dog to talk first.

Give your dog the speak command.    Once he's barked, tell him "quiet," and stick a treat in front of his nose. When he stops barking to sniff the treat, give it to him.
Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command
Continue practising this, gradually waiting longer to give him the treat, until he reliably stops barking when you command him to be quiet.

Once your dog responds reliably to the quiet command in a calm environment, you can introduce his barking trigger in a controlled way. For instance, if he barks when someone rings the doorbell, have a friend ring it while you are inside with your dog; be ready with a treat. Give the quiet command, and reward your dog as soon as he stops barking for a second. Gradually wait longer to give the treat.

Train your dog for no more than 5-10 minutes each session.

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