Lack of "social training" for puppies has serious consequences

Lack of "social training" for puppies has serious consequences

1. Encourage puppies to communicate with others
In many countries, the period from the 10th to the 200th day after weaning is called the best period of "social training", which is an important stage of cultivating dog behaviour and etiquette.

In the meantime, the trainer will lead the puppy slowly to contact the bigger dogs. By touching these big dogs with a gentle personality, the puppies will first feel the kindness of the world towards them: no dog will fight with them, and no one will hurt them.

When the puppy is brought into contact with the outside world by the new family after training, it will also behave like a polite, non-aggressive, good dog.
Lack of "social training" for puppies has serious consequences
2. Puppies should not be kept at home at this stage.
In some countries, puppies are kept at home at this stage, even when they are taken out for vaccination, they can only be housed in pet bags and know nothing about the outside world.

So when dogs have the chance to contact the new environment, they are prone to overreact. Some dogs are too excited to obey their master's orders. Some dogs are afraid of attacking others. When dogs are with other dogs, they are also vulnerable to bullying.
Lack of "social training" for puppies has serious consequences
3. How to train new dogs to adapt to the world
So, as a dog owner, how on earth do you train new dogs to re-recognize and adapt to the world?

First of all, we should create a peaceful and mild environment for the dog, avoid the external environment which is prone to external interference, bring the dog to a small environment without external food and human interference, and let the dog have free play time in three to five minutes.

At the same time, use the food in your hand to train the dog to obey orders and let him know that the outside world is wonderful, but the dog can only get food and reward from you.

When the puppy is no longer easily attracted by the outside world, it can begin to expand its social environment and let the more gentle dog slowly contact with it.

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