5 Signs to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy

5 Signs to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy

Many people think that dogs are healthy if they can eat and sleep without obvious diseases. Although this is generally true, some diseases are not very serious at the beginning, but will change through some details of the body. It's okay to find them in time, but if they are ignored, they will become diseases for a long time. In addition to regular vaccination against insects, it is also possible to see whether a dog is healthy according to the details of his own dog.

1. Moderate size
Some people think that although their dog is fat, it is only caused by eating, not by illness. If you are fat, be fat. However, after obesity itself will cause many diseases, in addition to the Kirky, sausage dog that fat will affect the skeleton, obesity is more caused by chronic diseases, so it can not be found for a while, but found later. Of course, the dog's appetite for a long time in winter, fat point in summer, hot thin point is normal, as long as floating in a range, can not be too fat or too thin.
Signs Tell Dog Healthy overweight
2. Moist nose
Normally, a dog's nose is wet and cold. Therefore, if the dog's nose is dry, it's not normal. However, dogs usually have dry noses when they sleep, and when the weather is dry or the room is overheated, they also have dry noses. If these conditions are excluded, the dog's nose is dry for a long time, and the spirit and appetite are not very good, it is basically sick, need to judge the specific symptoms according to other manifestations, at this time it is better to go directly to the hospital.

3. No odor in the mouth
Healthy dogs have no odor in their mouth. Although it smells a little different from people, it does not make people feel uncomfortable. If the dog's mouth has obvious odor or bad breath, it may be the problem of the mouth itself, or the problem of intestine, stomach and digestion, but also need to be judged according to the actual situation. If digestive problems are not serious, they can be treated by probiotics themselves. Oral problems can be regularly cleaned for dogs, buy some molar sticks, and eat some light and healthy dog food.
Signs Tell Dog Healthy active
4. Eyes
For dogs, eyes are a measure of health. If the dog's eyes are bright, the eyes are clear and lively, and the hair around the eyes is clean, it represents the health of the dog. If the dog has blood in his eyes or tears around him, he should have a problem with his diet. At this time, it can be adjusted to give dogs light diet, more exercise and pay attention to hygiene.

5. Be lively and active
Most dogs are very active. Of course, if the weather is too hot or too cold, it is understandable that the dog will have some tiredness. But if the dog has been in a bad mood for some time, does not like to go out to play, lazily responds to the call of the owner, or becomes irritable to the touch of the owner, it should be sick. At this time, fever is more likely, but the most needed is still to rush to the hospital.


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