10 Suggestions on Scientific Training of Dogs

10 Suggestions on Scientific Training of Dogs

Many people raise dogs in the same way as they educate their children. They either spoil or are simple and crude. Many people look at puppies for fun and buy them impulsively. They have no knowledge of the unique characteristics and needs of the breed, the hard work of raising dogs and the scientific training methods. This makes many dog owners feel disappointed and confused, and even causes the tragedy of the abuse or abandonment of innocent puppies.

In fact, through scientific and reasonable training, dogs can become very popular family members. Training can not be achieved through simple scolding punishment and food reward. The deep feelings and understanding between dog and owner is the key to training success.
Suggestions on Scientific Training of Dogs
Ten correct practices:

1. Before correcting a dog's mistake, we must establish a sincere friendship with him.

2. Considering the use of professional dog chains to control large dogs, it is easier to attract the attention of dogs.

3. When a dog makes a mistake, deal with it immediately. Even a few minutes later, the blame will leave him at a loss.

4. Be patient at all times. Dog training is a long-term process.

5. Encourage obedient dogs with good food, fun toys, care and praise.
Suggestions on Scientific Training of Dogs
6. When correcting bad habits of dogs, they should be persistent and resolute. Dog owners should not give in or give up halfway.

7. Give the dog the same opportunity after correcting. If the dog did the right thing this time, he should be rewarded in time.

8. Use noisy objects and low voices to distract the dog from making mistakes.

9. Dogs must be wearing collars and chains during outdoor training.

10. When correcting a dog in front of others, the owner should not be embarrassed, but also take care of the dog's self-esteem.

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