5 Tips you must know ,For the sake of dog health

5 Tips you must know ,For the sake of dog health

Nowadays, more and more people raise dogs in their daily life. In the process of raising dogs, I believe many pet owners have made some mistakes.

1. Give it fatal food
The first step in raising a dog is to know the taboo food of the dog, that is, what food the dog can't eat, which is the basic knowledge of raising a dog.
Dog taboo food: chocolate, grape (grape products), avocado (avocado), onion and garlic, cat food, raw eggs, Hawaiian fruit, milk (for lactose-intolerant dogs), xylitol, walnuts (walnuts) and so on!
sake of dog health, 5 Major Breeding Misunderstandings
2. Keep dogs as pigs.
Dogs should not be fed more because they are thin. Especially puppy dogs, they need to control their feeding. If they are fed in large quantities for a long time, they will cause gastrointestinal diseases.
If you want to keep your dog healthy, you should control the amount of food you feed. The best way for the owner is to feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, which not only effectively promotes digestion and absorption, but also prolongs the life span of the dog.

3. Seafood for dogs
Seafood is also not good food for dogs, because seafood contains allergic ingredients for dogs, some dogs will be allergic to it, and seafood is not easy for dogs to digest.
So seafood is one of the inedible foods for dogs!
sake of dog health, 5 Major Breeding Misunderstandings
4. Give it human food for a long time
Many pet owners will feed leftovers to dogs. In the long run, they will lead to dog pickiness. Moreover, these foods are not balanced in nutrition, and they are too salty and oily, which will lead to tearing marks, hair loss, skin diseases, and other problems.
For the health of dogs and dogs, try to avoid feeding human food, it is better to take some nutritious, light and low salt dog food as the main food, after all, dog food is scientifically matched!

5. Feeding Pure Milk to Dogs
Many dog owners feed milk during puppy period because milk has high nutritional value, but puppies'intestines and stomach are poor, and lactose in milk is difficult to digest, and even some dogs suffer from lactose intolerance.
So it is easy for puppies to sparse and vomit when drinking milk. It is suggested that it is safer and healthier for both adult and puppies to feed sheep's milk.

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Pay attention to dog breeding:
If your dog is very thin, it means that the staple food dog food is not nutritious enough, which leads to its slow growth and development, so the companion who feeds some cheap dog food should pay attention to it.
If a growing dog can't get enough nutrition, his physical development may be malformed. Therefore, when choosing dog food, we should give priority to some nutritious, high protein dog food.


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