What can you do to relax your dog during a walk?

What can you do to relax your dog during a walk?
Dog walking is a daily thing to do, of course, to wear a dog leash is the first, to avoid scaring others, to prevent the dogs from running and losing, etc., dog owners must give their dogs to wear a leash. The reason for taking a dog for a walk is that dogs need to exercise enough to use up their energy. After a day in the house, dogs naturally need to relax. Walking the dog in the right way can have better effects, make the dog happier, healthier, and familiarize him with his surroundings.

To the dog, with the nose to smell a variety of smells, there is a strong pressure release effect. You are allowing your dog to smell for 10 minutes while outside will use up more energy than just walking for 10 minutes.

It is suggested that when you take your dog for a walk, you can let the dog smell and explore around more, not only expend energy but also make the dog spirit happy. Use a smelling pad at home to relieve the dog's stress on rainy days.
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Some owners make it a habit to let their dogs go to the toilet at home, but dogs are happier if they take their dogs farther away from home. Going to the bathroom is also a way for dogs to relieve stress.

If the dog is under too much pressure, it will be easy for him to relieve himself at home, so it is good to take him out to go to the toilet, but remember to pick up the poop!

If the dog is sensitive, excited to hear a sound, or sees a stranger very alert, barking especially loud. That's probably too little exposure. It's important to socialize as a child.
relax your dog during a walk
Take your dog out more, see strangers on the road, and listen to the noise of the traffic. If your dog is restless, it is helpful to provide positive praise and encouragement to change his behavior.

You don't have to take your dog out for very long, but it's best to do it a lot. It's best to have three or more times a day for 10 minutes at a time. A long trip is not as good as a short one.

The combination of smell, going to the toilet and knowing the environment mentioned above can effectively help dogs relieve stress, expend energy and make dogs feel happier.
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