4 Ways to Protect Dogs from Disasters

4 Ways to Protect Dogs from Disasters
No one can predict disaster. What we can do is to make all kinds of preparations in advance to protect our family and our baby dog. Do you know what you can do to help your dog prepare for it?
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1. Prepare emergency boxes for dogs
The first aid kit should include three to five days of food, plastic stool bags, extra traction ropes, a water tray, and a favorite toy. It's better to attach information about the dog so that the dog can be found after it is lost.Prepare emergency boxes for dogs,Protect Dogs from Disasters, custom dog collars
2. Early emergency training
Dogs should be accustomed to bringing their emergency bags in peacetime. They should also be accustomed to Sitting in the car to avoid sudden transportation, which makes them very frightened. Another is that dogs should be trained in cages at ordinary times so that when they feel afraid, they can have their safe place to rest, so that you can quickly find them. Let dog separated from you, Protect Dogs from Disasters
3. Let the dog get used to being separated from you
In case of emergencies, it is better to take the dog away with you at the first warning. Because when the disaster reaches a terrible stage, the dog may have to be left behind. In an unexpected crisis, it's better to find out early so that you have time to protect your dog.Early emergency training, Protect Dogs from Disasters, custom dog collar
4. Know your local shelter
Knowing the local shelter in advance is important to know where to go in a crisis, especially when you have a dog. Some disaster shelters may not accept pets, even in accidents, so it is important to know in advance where the disaster can provide emergency care facilities for dogs.


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