Popular Dog Training Techniques That You Should Know

Popular Dog Training Techniques That You Should Know
When dogs are just two or three months old, this is the time when they are most receptive, just as when they are learning by the system. Dogs must learn systematically within six months of birth.

In training dogs, we must learn to use flexibly; in training, we can use reward and blame, which are mutually complementary. When a dog makes a mistake, you must stop it immediately. Otherwise, it will think that it is right to do so. At this time, you should issue a "no" command. The tone must be strict and resolute, and cooperate with the correct punishment. The punishment is positive punishment and negative punishment respectively.
 Popular Dog Training Techniques That You Should Know
Positive punishment includes reprimands, spanking and other actions to stop the dog from making mistakes immediately. Examples include biting slippers, turning over garbage cans, and tearing up other items.

Negative penalties include immediate removal of the reward being enjoyed, cancellation of the reward for snacks, and taking away the toys it likes. Doing so can train a dog more accurately when some skills are not done right, such as shaking hands, lying down, sitting down, etc. When doing wrong, the reward will be cancelled. On the contrary, when doing right, the reward must also be given. Use more passwords in your daily life. Don't think that once or twice a dog will understand what you need it for.
 Popular Dog Training Techniques That You Should Know
Note: Do not use cruel corporal punishment, do not cut off food and water, remember not to shout at dogs.

Catch the Current: Dogs do everything on the premise of catching the Current, as a reward, do wrong and accept certain punishment, so that the dog in the reward and punishment linked to what is happening at the moment to make the right changes. When the owner is not at home, the dog urinates in the living room or tears at the contents of the house. Any punishment will not work very well, because it is out of date. At this time, you can only clean the house by yourself in silence, which can only blame yourself for not training the dog properly when he was young, allowing him to urinate at home recklessly.
 Popular Dog Training Techniques That You Should Know,eat
Different dog inside and outside: For a dog, it's different at home and outside. When you train him at home, it's very smooth, but when you take him out for a walk, you probably don't remember the same training program at home. Every time you get a new environment, the dog has to be retrained. It's all a headache for the owners. I would like to do some interference when training at home, such as turning the TV up a little or changing the room to let the family members walk around beside you. At this time, you can start slowly increasing the difficulty of making the dog obey your command wherever it is. So you can try to take him out for a walk or training, the purpose of which is that no matter where the dog is not too far away from you, you can save yourself a lot of effort to find him.

Excessive howling: I believe that many people especially hate dog howling in the evening. There are reasons for dog howling. It is nothing more than protecting territory and attracting the attention of the owner. When the dog is bored, you can give it some toys to exercise and give it something to do. Don't reward a dog or appease him when he barks. The best way to do this is to ignore him and stop barking when he finds that the barking is not good enough.
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All the training is to make your dog obey your command. Of course, the training is based on conditional reflex of reward and punishment.


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