Your pets will be envy of the park with a stylish new collar

Your pets will be envy of the park with a stylish new collar
Dog collars are not only a fashion statement but also a legal requirement. A dog in a public place must wear a collar with the owner's name, address and postal code engraved on it or with a dog's label.

Dogs don't need to wear collars at home, but with so many dogs missing from their homes and gardens, it's better for your dog to wear collars all the time.
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Your dog collar must be comfortable and durable. It should also be easy to adapt to lead and keep your dog in control while walking. It's not as easy to pick out as it sounds.

Of course, the ring must be properly matched. The collar should be comfortable, with enough space for two fingers between your dog's neck and their collar to prevent breathing restrictions, and for their safety, the collar should not be loose enough to slide over your pet's head. A good suggestion is to measure your pet's neck, plus two to three inches.custom dog collars

If you have a puppy, you need to check the collar every few weeks to see if they have grown up. Older dogs also gain weight and lose weight, so you may need to relax or tighten their collars from time to time.

Dogs that often swim and roll in the soil wear their collars faster than calm dogs. If the collar starts to wear or get dirty and is not easy to clean, it is recommended to replace it. A good leather collar should last for many years.
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If your dog doesn't want to wear a collar at first, give them a treat when trying it on. "Positive reinforcement helps your dog get used to collars, just wearing them for a few minutes, and distracting them in their favorite way while praising them." Repeat slowly many times, each time a little longer, until they begin to associate it with positive rather than negative.


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