5 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make at the Vet

5 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make at the Vet

People often make mistakes when they take dogs to veterinarians. These errors affect veterinary treatment, but also inconvenience to others. In order to allow veterinarians to treat dogs accurately, every dog owner should do the following.

1. Turn off your cell phone
Veterinarians and their staff have a broad understanding of dog care and behavior. You need to listen to and collect as much information as possible. Remember to turn off the ringtone. If you answer the phone while the veterinarian examines your dog or talks to you, then you leave the room. Veterinary clinics usually have a tight schedule. If your veterinarian doesn't get your attention, he or she will probably do the next thing and come back when you shut down.Common Mistakes Make at Vet-turn off phone

2. Don't forget to belt the dog.
When you take your dog to the veterinarian, be sure to belt it. Even if your dog is gentle and always close to you, you never tie it with a leash, but at the veterinarian's office, the dog must wear a leash. Veterinary clinics are nervous places for many dogs, and other animals may be unfriendly around them. So, in order to make other pet owners in the waiting room feel safe and comfortable, you need to tie your dog with an epithelial band.

3. If you are late, you must call the veterinary clinic.
Veterinary clinics need appointments, and everyone who comes to see a dog usually only needs to wait for a short time. However, as dogs and cats are often nervous and frightened in veterinary clinics, waiting time will increase. So try to be punctual. If you are late, call the clinic staff. Then they can process other appointments, or move your appointments so that everyone has a shorter waiting time.

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4. Keep the dog by your side. Don't let him run around.
Many people in veterinary clinics not only don't tie the dog's belt, but also let the dog run around, which threatens the safety of other dogs and owners, so the owner of the dog to keep the dog at your side, it is best to tie a long belt to the dog, do not let it invades other space in the waiting room. Even if your dog is mild and safe, they may be nervous or feel the need to protect their owners when the veterinary clinic is tense, which increases their stress level and makes them more difficult to handle, which may have a negative impact on their own veterinary visits.Common Mistakes Make at Vet-not tie dog

5. Be honest in describing dog situations
Honesty is crucial when dealing with veterinarians. Without honesty, it may take longer to see a dog, more tests and tests may be required, and you may not be able to get the results you want. Some common problems with dog owners'dishonesty to veterinary staff include:

When reporting a dog's personality. If your dog is afraid, shy, or knows it will roar, bite, or bite, tell the veterinarian immediately. Often, owners despise or ignore the negative behavior they see in dogs, which puts veterinary staff at risk. Honesty means that everyone can take measures to ensure their safety.

Honesty is important when you tell the veterinarian what you feed your dog and how much, including human food. This is the only way that a doctor can guide you to the right food and quantity to keep your dog as healthy as possible. In addition, if your dog is sick, this information may be critical to helping your veterinarian identify problems.


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