How To Make Your Dog Listen To You

How To Make Your Dog Listen To You
So now that you’ve figured out why your dog isn’t listening, what do you do? Most issues can be solved with the following steps. If you don't know why, please check the link: Reasons Your Dog Isn’t Listening

1.Time management
Does your dog need a break? Sometimes if they’re over-aroused, the best thing to do is pull them out of the activity and let them go back to it after a break. If they’re still not listening, activity is done for the day.Dog obedience training

2.Training Task Splitting
You may be asking for too much at once and need to break it down into smaller steps (splitting). Instead of doing it all at once, we’re starting off with a smaller object .

3.Up the Reward
It’s not worth it. If you’re on the beach with a cocktail and good read, is it worth leaving if someone offers you a dollar? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars?
Dog obedience training
4. More Training
Your dog simply may not be ready to face whatever challenge you want them to do. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good recall. Training takes time.


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