Why can't the lost dog find his way home by himself?

Why can't the lost dog find his way home by himself?

It's strange that we often see dog-hunting announcements in the streets. We all know that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, they can smell more and more distant odors, and they also have the habit of marking positions. Then why can't the lost dog find his way home by himself? custom dog collars

Dogs who know their way home depend not only on familiarity with odors, but also on maps drawn in their minds. Dogs will remember and collect the odor of their owners. Other odors along the way, as well as various visual landmarks (what the dogs themselves set as landmarks), build maps in their minds. Once the dogs are lost, they will have a way to retrieve the memory by remembering the odor and the landmarks they set. The dogs may go home smoothly by themselves.

Dogs not only have a strong nose, but also a flexible brain. Why can't they find their own home?

First of all, the odor collected by the dog is indeed one of the important factors leading the dog home, but the odor will flow with the wind. Under ideal conditions, odors can last for up to three to four weeks, whereas in normal cities they last for up to three days. Where there are more cars and more people, it will be shorter.
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Secondly, the living environment of many dogs is too complex, so it is very difficult to form a map in mind. Because the terrain of the city is complex, and the frequency of environmental changes is very fast. Every time a dog goes out for a walk, the environment he or she touches may be different from the previous one, and the route is not fixed. The people and dogs he or she meets are also different. These complex factors and living environment make dogs different. It's more difficult for dogs to remember the way home, which is an impossible task.

More importantly, when the dog is lost, not only the owner of the dog is anxious, but the dog himself will realize that the environment around him is different. At this time, the dog will feel panic. Faced with this sudden anxiety, the dog will not stop to think about how to find the way home, but will lead to their running at a loss. Once you run, it's harder to find your way home.


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