How to know that dogs are healthy and how to judge their health

How to know that dogs are healthy and how to judge their health
Many people will have such a problem. Is my dog healthy after all? A qualified owner should timely detect some abnormal performance of the dog, which can detect the disease early and help the dog alleviate the pain as soon as possible.

1. Observe the dog's mental state and walking gait.
Depressed spirit, weak body, slow movement, tail droop (5 points)
Sad face, no vitality, walking abnormality (3 points)
Swing tail (1 point)

2. Observe the eyes and eyes
Clear and bright eyes (5 points)
Too many tears and eye droppings (3 points)
Dogs don't scratch their eyes with their forefeet (1 point)
how to judge dogs health by eye
3. Observation of nose
The nose is cold and wet at all times except when sleeping and waking up (5 points).
Hot and dry nose (3 points)
Runny nose (1 point)

4. Open the dog's mouth and examine its teeth and mouth.
The mucosa in the mouth is pink (5 points)
Yellow teeth and bad breath (3 points)
Deep red or dark red teeth (1 point)
how to judge dogs health by mouse
5. Observe the ear canal.
Clean and odorless ears (5 points)
Earwax accumulation in the auditory canal (3 points)
Earwax accumulation and ear odor (1 point)

6. Stick to combing and observe the skin carefully
Hair Thick and Healthy (5 points)
Skin debris drops and there is more (3 points)
There are red spots on the skin and depilation (1 point)
how to judge dogs health by skin
7. Please observe the color and state of the dog's stool.
Stool cylindrical, yellow (5 points)
The stool is soft and yellow (3 points)
Thin stool, other colors (1 point)

Do you have a healthy pet? Are you a loving owner? Look at your score.
29-35 points, love pets better than love themselves, is a kind and qualified master.
15-29 points. Maybe you love your pet, but you don't care for it. A pet owner.
7-15, pets are just toys in your life. If they break, they will be thrown away.


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