How to walk your dog properly for PUPPIES and DOGS of all ages!

How to walk your dog properly for PUPPIES and DOGS of all ages!
Many people think that walking a dog is a very simple thing to take a dog out for a walk. In fact, this is wrong, because there are many skills to walk the dog. For example, the dog will run around, the owner can not keep up with, or urine and urine everywhere, and so on. In fact, these situations can be corrected by training the dog, so that the owner feels more convenient when walking the walk training sit down

1. Stand and sit down
It's interesting to train a dog to stand up and sit down. When other friends see that your dog will stand up and sit down under your command, they will be convinced by you. Specific operation: the owner uses his left hand to pull the rope, let the dog in front of your left, and then you use your right hand to train with food. After training for a long time, even if you don't have food in your hand, the dog will get used to this kind of walk training walk left

2. Train the dog to follow your direction, not run around on his own.
Let the dog be on your left side. When you are ready to move forward, first step out of your left leg. After you step out of your left leg, the dog will receive your forward command. At this time, your left hand must hold on to the rope, because the dog will rush forward as soon as it starts, you need to use the rope to control the speed of the dog.

3. Training dog behavior with rewards and punishments
When the dog is always at the right distance from you, you can prepare some pet snacks to reward him. But if the dog always violates your command, you can punish the dog by stopping the dog's strolling outside. After doing this several times, the dog will listen to you very walk training reward

4. Do not follow the same route
If you want the dog to be in your control, you need to take a route that the dog is not familiar with. If you walk the dog the same way every day, your dog must run very fast. After all, he is familiar with the route.


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