How to Train Your Dog & Top Training Tips

How to Train Your Dog & Top Training Tips
Many people have a pet at home, and today we're going to show you the best time to train your dog.

Dogs are most able to learn when they are just two or three months old, just as they are when they are systematically learning. Dogs must be systematically trained before they are six months old.dogs Train sit- tay

You have to be flexible when training dogs; You can use both rewards and scolding when you're training. They help each other. When the dog makes a mistake you must immediately stop it. Otherwise, it will think it is right to do so, this time you will give out "no" password, the tone must be strict and resolute, and with certain correct punishment, punishment is divided into a light hit and cancel the reward two kinds.

To stop the dog from continuing to make mistakes, use a gentle slap, such as a yell or a pat on the back and for example, biting slippers, rummaging trash cans, tearing at other items, etc.
dogs Train go toilet
Remove rewards such as immediately removing a reward you are enjoying, removing a snack, or taking away a toy you like. This is a much more accurate way to train the dog. If he does something wrong, the reward will be canceled, and if he does something right, the reward will be given. Don't assume your dog will understand once or twice. You need to be patient.

The dog's training must be done at the same time as the behavior, such as when you are not at home when the dog defecates in the living room or bites objects in the house, and when you come back, any punishment will not work very well because it is outdated. At this time, you can only clean the house silently, which can only blame yourself for not training the dog when he was young, allowing him to defecate in the home without restraint.dogs Train reward

For a dog, it's different at home than it is outside. When you train him at home, it goes well, but when you take him out for a walk, he may not remember any of the training programs at home. Every time he goes to a new environment, he has to retrain. I would be happy to do some distractions at home, such as turning up the TV or moving around in a different room, where you can start to make it harder for the dog to follow your commands no matter where they are. This way you can try to take him outside for a walk or a training session. The idea is that no matter where he is, he won't be too far away from you.dogs Train stop howl

Many people hate dogs howling at night, and dogs howl for good reasons, such as protecting their territory, attracting their owners' attention, being bored, and strangers coming into their homes. You can give them toys to keep them active and give them something to do, which will reduce the chance of dogs howling. Never reward or pacify your dog when he howls. The best way to do this is to ignore him.


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