4 Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog

4 Dog Walking Tips: How to Walk Your Dog
You must think it's easy to walk a dog. There are many skills in it. This article teaches you some skills that you need to understand and be familiar with.

1. Taking a dog for an outdoor walk with a rope is not only a way for the dog to do fitness exercises but also a way for the owner and dog to deepen their feelings. But the dog walking time, walking times must be regular. Two times in the morning and evening, the puppy takes a ten-minute walk, and 20-30 minutes is enough for medium-sized and large dogs. If you don't exercise one day apart, the amount of exercise the next day will decrease and then gradually recover.
How to Walk Puppy Properly
2. For puppies, when they begin to take them out for a walk, they should also be pulled by ropes. At first, the puppy must eat the weeds or squat down at will. The owner of the dog can give them greater freedom in a period, as it pleases, but it must not develop on this basis. The purpose of doing so is to let the puppy form a scattered state earlier — a good habit of walking. Take the puppy out for a walk, you choose one way to walk with your dog in your arms, the other way is to let the puppy walk by itself, so repeated several times, after getting used to it, let the dog walk by itself completely, but must not let the dog feel tired. Over time, dogs naturally take an interest in walking. If the dog is forced to act at the beginning, and constantly shouting, scolding, the dog is easy to be timid and lead to adverse effects.
How to Walk Dog Properly
3. Whether it is a growing puppy or an aging dog, it is very important to move outside. Walking outside can not only help dogs urinate, exercise, and build up but also kill bacteria and parasites in the sun.

4. A responsible and genuine dog-loving owner should insist on taking the dog out for a walk every morning and evening. Take care to tie the dog chain to it while walking, and wear a warm coat when it's cold. At the beginning of the walk, the dog is very timid. He always likes to stick to the left side of the owner. At this time, he should be accommodated and walk slowly. Every walk is held for about an hour. It's easy for dogs to play wild for too long. It's not good for education. Attention should also be paid to keeping it away from unknown dogs to prevent infectious diseases and parasites.
How to Walk Puppy Properly
TIPS: Dogs with the following conditions should try to avoid going out or activities under close surveillance for less than half an hour. 1. Puppies born no more than three months. 2. In estrus, bitches or pregnant bitches, if there are male dogs nearby, pay more attention to keeping the distance between them. 3. Dogs that haven't been vaccinated yet. Or dogs that have been injected but are still in danger for two weeks. 4. Dogs that are sick or recovering from illness.


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