How old can a dog start training and how should he be trained?

How old can a dog start training and how should he be trained?
A large part of the dog's personality is innate, or stable, or mischievous, or gentle, or spicy, each dog born, has its own fixed characteristics. However, as soon as the puppy arrives at the new home, it must be trained immediately and be trained as soon as possible to become a dog fully adapted to family life. Because, from the moment he arrives at this house, the dog will live with his owner for almost 15 years. If we can establish a standard of living at the beginning, we can successfully change the dog's habits to adapt to human life.

When it knows what is possible and what is not, it can interact with the host benignly and lay a good foundation for a relatively short period of companionship in the future. In fact, no matter how old the dog is, it can be trained in the same way. However, adult dogs spend more energy and patience than they did when they were young. Usually, one year after birth is the best time to train dogs, and this year is also the fastest growing stage of dogs.
How old can a dog start training and how should he be trained
In the process of dog training, the key to success is neither the expenditure of money nor the superb training means. The real key to dog success is how much time and patience we will spend training with them. From about 45 days after the birth of the puppy, dog training is not just sitting down and shaking hands. Everything in daily life needs training. How many kinds of skills are not the most important for pets. Only when they are well integrated with their owners can they lay the foundation for their happiness in life.

Dogs can be trained in life habits 45 days after birth, and in about 70 days, the owners can join in obedience and skills training. If the dog is trained too early, its body is immature, which is harmful to its health. It takes a lot of time to correct bad habits before training too late. The puppy is very interested in food and has a strong learning ability, so it can quickly learn the specified actions. Training from an early age can also establish the correct relationship between it and the host. In addition, daily training should start on the day when the puppy arrives at home and proceed steadily and step by step.
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Once a puppy learns to behave, it needs to be demanded by this standard in everyday life. Some dogs have weak hind limbs and hip joints, so they are not suitable for standing jumps. Do not insist on dog training. Rules start with eating: Most dogs react to food when they see it. They don't have a habit of controlling their diet. Often it's just after dinner, and when you see new food, you can eat it properly, and even vomit because you eat too much. Therefore, the dog's food intake must be controlled.

Regular and quantitative feeding of dog food every day can also keep the dog's excretion time stable. At the same time, the dog's obedience to the owner is strengthened by feeding training. According to the growth and development of dogs of different ages, there will be different needs. Within 2 months of weaning: feeding 5 times a day, within 3 months: feeding 4 times a day. From 3 months to 1 year old: feeding 3 times a day, in winter and over one year old: one feeding in the morning and one feeding in the evening is appropriate. It's better to go for a walk, defecate, comb, tidy up and then feed, so that it can have a regular life every day. This is because, by nature, dogs need to hunt before they can get food. The body is more adapted to the habit of eating after exercise, which can also increase the dog's appetite.
How old can a dog start training and how should he be trained
Dogs do not control their own food intake, so quantitative feeding can avoid the phenomenon of uneven hunger and satiety. If it is fed every day, it is easy to cause indigestion and obesity; if it is fed too little, it will make the dog hungry and unable to rest quietly. We must strictly abide by the principle of eight-point satiety to count the dog's food intake within four days, calculate the daily food intake, and then supply it with 80% of this amount, so that it wants to eat again after eating up, which is almost the so-called "eight-point satiety".

If the dog can't finish eating, must reduce the amount, and if the dog continues to lick the pot after eating all, can add a small amount in the next feeding. Food appears only in 30 minutes at most. During this period, do not interfere with the dog. After eating for 30 minutes, you must put away the bowl in front of the dog. Even if you are not in training, you should never give the dog any other food except dog food and water.
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The training time should be within 15 minutes each time, not too long. A dog's conditioned response to its master's command is successful. Repeated training can be repeated many times.


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