How does dog vomit do, the reason analysis of dog vomiting

How does dog vomit do, the reason analysis of dog vomiting

Vomiting is a common symptom in dogs, because there are many things that can irritate a dog's stomach, stomach, and nerves in daily life that can cause vomiting. Cause analysis of dog vomiting

1. Look at the color and judge the reason
The puke appears white, which is usually the saliva of a dog. The most likely reason is that the dog eats too fast.
The vomit is transparent and the dog's mental state is particularly normal, which is generally considered acute gastritis.
Vomit is yellow or green, which is the color of bile. It may be caused by ulcers and irregular diet. Dogs are also prone to this phenomenon when they are too hungry.
The vomit is brown in color. First of all, it should be suspected that the gastric juice is discolored. In addition, there may be ulcer in the stomach or duodenal ulcer.
Vomiting is red, indicating acute bleeding in the digestive tract. You should not slack off and seek medical attention immediately.How does dog vomit do

2. Observe the frequency of vomiting and the dog's symptoms
Normally, most dogs' vomit is undigested food or clear mucus. In this case, it is usually caused by the dog's post-meal vomiting, which is caused by the impatience of eating, or the strenuous exercise immediately after the meal.
The frequency of vomiting is relatively high, and the dog is vomiting constantly, parents should immediately cut off food for the dog, only provide the dog with drinking water, if even drinking water vomit, should immediately respond.
Vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea, and the dog's mental state is particularly low, which requires immediate medical attention.
There is a foreign body in the vomit, and the dog is accompanied by convulsions and mental distress, which may be food poisoning and should be treated immediately.
The last phenomenon is motion sickness, because most dogs will vomit in the car, at this time, parents only need to give the dog no food for 6 to 8 hours.
How does dog vomit do
3. Ways to prevent vomiting
(1) it's okay to buy toys for your dog, but be sure to buy toys that are not easily swallowed or chewed, so that they don't break and be swallowed, causing gastrointestinal tract scratches or blockages.
(2) do not give the dog to eat too cooked bone, it is too easy to be bitten by the dog, there are some sharp horns, swallowed after easy to scratch the inner wall of the mouth, the inner wall of the stomach and blocked intestinal tract.
(3) parents are encouraged not to give dogs human food, such as chocolate, grapes, Onions, garlic, leeks and nuts, as well as fatty foods, which act as poisons.
(4) finally, when going out, we must learn to command the dog not to pick up snacks and sundries on the ground, which can save the dog's life. If you can't, buy a muzzle.


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