These 12 kinds of food can't be eaten by dogs.

These 12 kinds of food can't be eaten by dogs.

People who have dogs know that dogs are greedy Basically, they love what you eat. Every time you eat, they will always stare at you blinkingly. Many people will give some to dogs. Infact, human food is usually not shared with dogs. Dog's Dietary Taboos, Sweet chocolate
1. Fish and milk just are taken out of the freezer (easy to cause diarrhea)
2. Seafood such as squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, and crab (not easy to digest)
3. Chicken and fish bones are sharp and hard. They are easy to pierce the wound cavity and digestive organs, and cannot be fed. (Sometimes it causes intestinal bleeding)Seafood such as squid, octopus, shellfish,Dog's Dietary Taboos
4. Dessert preserves (the main cause of tooth decay and obesity)
5. Ginger, curry powder, chili pepper, and other irritating spices, too irritating stomach and intestine
6. Food with high salt content.Food with high salt content, Dog's Dietary Taboos
7. Lentinus edodes, fresh grinding, and other non-digestible foods may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
8. Onion contains toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, and can easily cause hematuria or anemia after ingestion.Chicken and fish bones are sharp and hard, Dog's Dietary Taboos
9. Chocolate may also produce toxic substances which may cause urinary incontinence, spasm, goat vitiligo, and other symptoms.
10. Some dogs will cause diarrhea when they drink milk. In such cases, they can be fed yogurt.Some dogs will cause diarrhea when they drink milk, Dog's Dietary Taboos
11. Puppies should not be fed with ham sausages, sausages, especially fish shreds containing preservatives, pigments, and other foods.
12. Do not give dogs watermelon, other melons and fruits also try not to eat, easy to cause diarrhea.


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