4 reasons let dogs pee to mark territory

4 reasons let dogs pee to mark territory

On your walk after work, you know your dog will lift his leg and squat. Your dog sees that fire hydrant, tree, tire, unsuspecting friend’s leg who is standing talking to you, or anything else vertical and lifts his leg to leave his mark. But where does this behaviour stem from? What has made it, so your dog lifts his leg?

1. Social Triggers
Exciting social situations can trigger urine marking. Some male dogs only urine mark when in the presence of female dogs (especially if they’re in heat), and some urine mark only when interacting with other male dogs. Some dogs only urine mark when visiting homes where other dogs have urine marked before. Other dogs only urine mark when they become highly aroused and overstimulated in social situations. These dogs often mark nearby objects, people or other dogs.
reasons dogs pee to mark territory
2. Your Dog is in Heat
Dogs who are reproductively intact (non spayed females and non neutered males) are more likely to urine mark than spayed or neutered dogs. In unspayed females, urine marking usually happens more frequently just before and while they’re in heat.

3. Anxiety dog behaviour
Some dogs urine mark when they experience anxiety. Anxious dogs might deposit greater amounts of urine than dogs marking for other reasons. They might also urine mark on spots that aren’t vertical surfaces. A number of events can cause anxiety and trigger urine marking, including the presence of new objects, furniture or luggage in a dog’s environment, the departure of a resident from a dog’s home, a new person moving into the home, and conflict between a dog and people or other animals in the home.
reasons dogs pee to mark territory
4. Something New in the Environment
Some dogs urine mark when they encounter nonresident dogs in their environments or smell urine left in their environments by other dogs. A dog’s environment may encompass his home, his yard, the route he usually takes when on walks, friends’ homes he regularly visits, and parks or other locations he frequents.

Lifting a leg to stand on three and pee is a behaviour that does not need to be modified or worried about. As long as your dog is not peeing in unwarranted places, lifting his leg should be fine. This natural and healthy behaviour lets your dog participate as a member of the animal community. He feels good knowing his message is there and that he is marking as high as he can. Leaving his message doesn’t take a lot of urine, which is sometimes why you’ll see your dog lift a leg on every tree and pole possible.
reasons dogs pee to mark territory
While this stop-and-go type peeing can disrupt a walk, it’s not harming your dog. However, if you want your walk to be a smooth and continuous one, consider talking to a trainer about how to walk your dog. Some tips to consider are keeping the leash short and walking in front or besides your dog, not behind him. By doing this, you’ll establish dominance and send a message to your dog that you’re in charge of the walk.

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