3 Dog Stories That Will Move You

3 Dog Stories That Will Move You
Story 1:
This story happened in Vietnam. An old farmer wanted to throw away his old dog. So they put the dog in sacks and drove it to the countryside. But the next day, the old dog ran back, so the old farmer once again took the old dog to the roadside for tens of kilometres. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the old dog limped to find a home but looked much haggard.

It lies silently at the door of the house, and its tears keep flowing. The owner put the dog in the car, and the old dog kept whimpering all the way. After a long drive, the old dog gradually stopped barking. By the time the owner got out and opened the trunk again, the old dog was dead. It's not suffocating; it's not old-fashioned, it's biting its tongue and killing itself. Later, the owner said, "At that time, I suddenly felt that I was inferior to a dog."

They may be old, unable to run, and not as intimate as you used to be. They want to accompany you before, but they are really old. Please give them a peaceful old age!
Dog Stories Move You
Story 2:
The story happened in Tibet, China. Sudden heavy snow trapped a family. The snow crushed the house, and the Tibetan Mastiff climbed out first. It kept plowing and rescued the only surviving child in the family. Around it is a vast snowfield. It bites the children's clothes and drags them to the side of the road several kilometers away. It surrounded the children in its ring until the next day, the driver on the road found them. But the Tibetan Mastiff is dead, and the child is saved.

Story 3:
This story happened in Sichuan, China. A big yellow dog bit a child who was having a birthday party. But I don't know why. After biting a child, the big yellow dog often runs to the front of the house to take care of the home. No matter how the owner chased him, he would not leave. Over time, the owner of the family had feelings for the yellow dog and began to feed it.
Dog Stories Move You
Eight years later, the rhubarb dog is old. The owner is going to catch another puppy, but since the puppy came. The dog was not barking or eating. The owner had no choice but to send the dog away. Sure enough, the rhubarb dog returned to its original state and devoted himself to guarding his home until he died of old age.


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