5 Dog Behaviors And What They Mean

5 Dog Behaviors And What They Mean

How much do you know about dog behaviour? Do you understand what dogs mean? Some simple expressions are easy to understand, as long as you observe them more every day. Dog's obedience, nervousness, boredom and other emotions can easily be seen through his small actions.

1. Dogs lick their noses to divert tension.
When a dog suddenly faces high tension, he licks his nose to relieve his tension. Also, this behaviour is used to deal with the relationship with the other party. "I don't want to mess up our relationship!" "Don't get angry!" "Please calm down!" This kind of behaviour can relieve the anger and tension of the other party.
Dog Behaviors And What They Mean
2. Dogs yawn to relieve tension.
For example, when you are educating your dog, your words may be because your anger lasts a little longer, the dog that looks sleepless suddenly yawns frequently. It's the dog that is distracting himself. He felt very nervous, so he wanted to tell his master by yawning, "Forget it; take a break."

3. Sit down and observe.
The dog sat there, obediently. On the one hand, he quieted himself down and observed his opponent. On the other hand, he also conveyed the meaning of "I am not hostile at all, please be quiet" to the excited opponent.
Dog Behaviors And What They Mean
4. Dogs lie down and lower their postures to show obedience.
The dog lowers his posture to show obedience to the dog who is in a higher position than himself, and expresses the meaning of "I will not go against you". When a dog is afraid, he lowers his body or even lies down to show obedience.

5. Dogs turn their backs over their faces and turn their backs towards you instead of approaching them. They are avoiding insecurity and danger.
Sometimes when you are angry with the dog and force him to hold him back, the dog moves over and back to you. This is an act he does to relieve tension and divert the other person's mood.

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