Personalized Dog Collars with Custom ID Tag

Personalized Dog Collars with Custom ID Tag

When we have a pet dog, the most worry about things that dogs run lost. We are always eager to hope that our dog can never appear at the door, it is impossible to break the belt, but there are always many accidents. If this happens, the identity of the tag with a dog owner information is one of the most reliable methods, can make it home safely. So a custom personalized dog collars or ID tag is absolutely essential for your dog. Choose between many completely different designs, each with its own advantages:

Hanging ID Tag: Made of metal, plastic, or resin, this is the most common form of pet ID for dogs. They can, however, be noisy, jangling while your dog moseys around the house. And if your dog spends any time in brush or thickets, a hanging tag could get caught on a branch. But they’re the easiest to attach and work on any type of collar.

Slide-On Dog Tag: Rather than hanging off of a ring on the dog’s collar, these tags have slits through which the collar slides to keep the tags flat along the collar. Because they don’t hang, they don’t jangle or get caught on anything. For the most part, though, they can only be used on certain types of collars. They also don’t allow for additional information to be engraved on the back.

Rivet-On ID Tag: Secured with rivets directly to the collar, these ID tags for pets are the least likely to come off accidentally. You will need to affix the plate to the collar, and, like slide-on tags, they are only engraved on the front.

Most dog tags for pets have room for four lines of text, and some have room on the back, as well. So, what should be included? For starters, your dog’s name. Most important is a phone number where you can be reached. Keep in mind that you may be out searching for your lost pup, so a cell phone number probably makes the most sense. Some dog owners also include their own name and a street address. If there’s room, you can include additional information, such as whether your dog is microchipped or any urgent medical information.

Alternatively, if your dog doesn’t like being weighed down by additional “bling,”  personalized dog collars are always a great option. With the clear, personalized text and durable hardware, your dog will not only look stylish but you’ll feel great knowing that your pup is safe. (Four Benefits Of Personalized Dog Collars)

Keeping all this in mind, there are probably thousands of dog tags to choose from. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Stainless-Steel Dog Tag for Pets
Custom Dogs Cat ID Tag, Personalized Footprint Name Tag for Puppy Pet Engraved Metal Anti-lost


Slide-On Stainless Dog ID Tag

Personalized Pet ID Tag Slide-on Engraved Stainless Steel Name Tags Collar Accessories For Cat Dogs

Brass ID Tag With Rivets for Dogs

Personalized Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Custom Pet Name ID Collar For Medium Large Dogs




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