Did you choose the right collar for your dog? Three dog collars contrast

Did you choose the right collar for your dog? Three dog collars contrast
Most dog owners buy collars for their dogs. Some even wear them in several rotations. But did you choose the right one? Choosing a collar is very important. Many dog owners feel that as long as the color is beautiful, cute enough, but you may overlook the important point. Choosing a collar depends on the characteristics and personality of the dog.

1. Single cortical collar
This kind of collar is the most common and traditional. The pin-button design allows you to adjust the length as your dog grows fat. If your dog is good, you can choose this kind of dog. Its shortcoming is that it has poor air permeability and no elasticity. It is not recommended for dogs to wear this kind of dog in summer rains.Single cortical dog collar

2. Separated collar
This collar reduces the risk of suffocation because it's double-decked. When the dog owner tightens the rope, the inner collar around the dog's neck will not be tightened. If your dog is curious and likes to rush forward when walking, this collar will be better than the traditional one. You must have experienced something like this. When two dogs meet, they shout at each other. The owner of the dog pulled the traction rope hard behind him, and the dog's breath was strangled like asthma after it was dispersed.Separated dog collar

3. Chest-back Style
This kind of collar is mostly used for hiking, such as bringing dogs into the mountains. After passing through a dangerous area, the chest and back will come into use. It is safe and not easy to fall off. Unless you choose the wrong size, there are also owners with chest and back for dogs in urban areas. Most of them are medium-sized and large-sized dogs. Dog owners have little strength and need to do their best. Only then can we hold the dog. In this case, the most personal advice is not to use the chest back. When the dog rushes forward, you pull back vigorously. It will misunderstand that you are playing with it. As a result, it will be tired with you. Most importantly, it can not develop the habit of dog walking. It is suggested to change the chest back into a collar and teach it to follow. When it rushes forward, it should not pull back, pull sideways. Come and pause for a moment, wait for it to be quiet, or change direction. The owner of the dog walks ahead to let the dog know that it has to follow you. I've met a smart dog for about half an hour and learned that this process requires patience. When your dog already knows how to go along, it doesn't matter if you want to choose a chest or collar. It's easy to choose which one you like and which one you like.dog Chest-back Style collars

When you choose the collar, remember to test the size, the collar of small dogs can be put into a finger; medium and large dogs can be loose, can reach into two fingers, and remember to check the collar often to see the extent of damage, need not be renewed, you do not forget, the dog will be fat, to adjust the collar in time.


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