How to choose a dog collar? Introduction to Flat collar

How to choose a dog collar? Introduction to Flat collar

Almost everyone buys a collar (or chest strap) for a dog, and there are a lot of these products on the market, ranging in price from $3 to over $100. In addition to material differences, there are also many differences in style. Each style will claim to have special functions. Sometimes it's really hard to make a choice.Introduction to Flat collars, belgian shepherd dog flat collars,custom dog collars
Before you make a decision, you should also understand the advantages and disadvantages of various collars to ensure that you choose the safest and most suitable one for your dog.Introduction to Flat collars, custom dog collars

Flat collar: Suitable for mature dogs

This is the most common collar on the market, generally there are nylon and leather two materials, the price range is very wide, but its essence is the same, the advantages and disadvantages are the same.custom dog collars, Introduction to Flat collars

  • Easy to pick and wear, the dog will not have any feeling of inadaptability, activities are not restricted.
  • There are all kinds of prices, but also a variety of decoration, many luxury brands have launched custom models.
  • Easy to hang dog tags (super important!!!).


  • Sometimes accidents happen when fighting. Some dogs like to bite each other and play with each other. If they bite the collar carelessly, the dog wearing the collar will pull desperately because of avoidance. In serious cases, they may suffocate directly.
  • Usually this kind of collar is used only after the dog has learned to follow you well. Although the banded collar is the most common and convenient, in fact, it has less control over the dog.


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