Two steps to adapt your dog to walking with a dog collar

Two steps to adapt your dog to walking with a dog collar
Walking a dog should be an interesting and relaxing activity that you can enjoy with your dog. But it's not uncommon for your dog to take you for a walk instead of a walk. If you are jealous of your neighbors taking their dog for a walk and your dog is pulling you at will, then you need to train your dog in two steps.

1. Work without a leash: The first thing I like to do is to keep my dog off the leash. It's good to do this outside where there are fences, but if you don't have access, you can do it in the house or in the corridor. I walked around first, ignoring my dog. Then I'll call them when I'm very excited. When they come to me, I will give them some small rewards.women run with dog leash

When I go on walking, I talk to my dogs in an optimistic voice, encouraging them to stay with me. Every few steps, I reward my dog with some snacks. After about 10 to 15 steps, I began to ignore my dogs and let them go back to what they had done before. In a minute or two, I'll call them back and repeat the process. I like this exercise because it gives the dog a chance to rest after working hard. By doing so, your dogs will soon know that great things happen when they walk with you.

2. Go out for a walk: The next exercise should be done when you and your dog go out for a walk. When your dog pulls, they do it because they want to move forward. So when your dog starts pulling, you should stop and step walk with leash

Call your dogs back with a cheerful voice and reward them when they come back to you. In doing so, you take the dogs away from where they are trying to go. Start moving forward again. If your dog stays with you, reward it every three to four steps. If they start pulling forward again, repeat the steps above. Your dog will know that they can't pull a belt in order to move forward.

As your dog gets better in this exercise, start increasing the number of steps you take before rewarding him for staying with you. Once your dog can walk politely around you, continue rewarding, but at random intervals, let them guess. Keep in mind that in order to be effective, you must do this every time your dog pulls. If they are allowed to pull on certain occasions, it will only confuse them.
dog walk  leash
Good leash walking etiquette can not only make you and the dog walk happier, but also ensure the safety of you and the dog. If you let an exciting dog take you wherever it wants to go, it will bring you both into a dangerous situation. If you drag the dog chain, you will both be injured. It seems impossible to teach your dog to walk calmly, but with a little time and patience, it will be the envy of your neighbors!


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